In fulfillment of the in force regulation as for protection of information of personal character (Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13) as well as of the existing regulation as for services of the company of the information and of electronic commerce (Law 34/2002, of July 11), we put in his knowledge the present general conditions of use that are applied to all the operations (consultations, previous appointment, request of information etc.) realized across the web: www.bascoat.com


MARTA RAMOS, S.L. (In forward BASCOAT) with head office in: C/San Matín 4, Basement, 48993 Getxo, Biscay and VAT: B-95635991, being a holder of the domain www.bascoat.com due inscribed in the Mercantile Record of Bilbao.


The rights of intellectual property of the web, as well as of his different contents belong to BASCOAT. It is strictly prohibited to realize any alteration of this page. BASCOAT does not assume any responsibility that could stem from manipulations or not authorized alterations.

BASCOAT does not grant any license or authorization of use of any type on her rights of industrial and intellectual property or on any other property or right related to the web, the services or the contents. It remains prohibited the total or partial reproduction of the contents of this web without mentioning his origin and without requesting express authorization for it. Unauthorized use of the information contained in this web, as well as the prejudices caused in the rights of intellectual and industrial property of BASCOAT it will give place to the exercise of the actions that correspond and, in his case, to the responsibilities that from the above mentioned exercise stem.


This web has been created by informative character for his personal and free use.

a) Lawful Utilization
The user/a of this web page and of his services binds to realize a use consent to the laws and the uses of the traffic, and it will abstain from using the web and his services with ends or illicit effects or that are harmful of the rights and interests of third parties, or that of any form they could damage, render useless, overload or spoil the web and the services or prevent the normal utilization or enjoyment of theweb and of the services on the part of the users.
Those who break the above mentioned obligation will answer, opposite to the holder of the web and opposite to third parties, of any hurts and prejudices that should be caused as consequence of the breach of the above mentioned obligation.
b) Guarantee of mistakes
BASCOAT does not guarantee the nonexistence of mistakes in the access to the web, or in his content; in case publications are mentioned or reproduce of an official nature, the above mentioned reproduction will have merely informative character must be considered to all the effects as valid the publication in his bulletin or official corresponding source.
c) Availability of the service
BASCOAT reserves the faculty to effect, at any time and without need of previous notice, modifications and updates on the information contained in his web or in his configuration or presentation. BASCOAT does not guarantee the availability and continuity of the functioning of the web and of the services. When it is reasonably possible, one will warn before the interruptions in the functioning of the web and of the services.
BASCOAT excludes any responsibility for the hurts and prejudices of any nature that could owe to the lack of availability or of continuity of the functioning of the web and of the services, to the cheating of the usefulness that the users could have attributed to the web and to the services.


The user is conscious and accepts voluntarily that the use of the web, of the services and of the contents takes place, in any case, under his only and exclusive responsibility. Both the access to the web, and the use that could be done of the information contained in the same sound of the exclusive responsibility of the one who realizes it. BASCOAT will not answer of any consequence, hurt or prejudice that they could derive from the above mentioned access or use of information or of the application that of them is realized about supporting any opinion or personal or managerial decision. BASCOAT does not assume responsibility any derivative of the connection or contents of the links of third parties to which one refers in the web.


In the suppositions in which to accede to someone of the pages or BASCOAT services there is necessary the withdrawal of information of personal character, informs that the same ones will be treated as a conformity by the established in the in force regulation relative to the Protection of Information of Personal Character and other procedure of development. The facilitated information will be included in an automated file of information of personal character that has been due inscribed in the General Record of Protection of Information of Personal Character. BASCOAT fulfills the in force legislation as for protection of information, having adopted the administrative procedures and necessary technical personnel to guarantee the safety of the personal compiled information.

The politics of BASCOAT privacy guarantees to the user in any case the possibility of exercising his right of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition of his information, by post ordinarily directed to:

C/ San Matín 4, bajo B,
48993 Getxo


The utilization of this web page is ruled by the Spanish law, with independence of the legal environment del/of the usuario/to. Any dispute that could arise in the interpretation of these conditions will be solved in the local courts where his activity has BASCOAT fixed. In case it facilitates his email address to us, there is understood that it is giving the assent in order that the same one is used for the sending of communications related to the services given by BASCOAT.